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It's Your Story

Make It Up!

 by Krista

You are the author. Let makeup reveal the chapter you're living.


Only you know the real story. Every challenge you have experienced and overcome, every bit of wisdom you have gained, every moment your heart has beat...or momentarily stopped. And each day another page is written that only you will be able to fully read between the lines.


But you will share excerpts of your story in the way you choose.  You are the author and the storyteller.  One way you reveal parts of the plot is through your appearance.  No one can judge by your cover, so you are in control of how the content is perceived.


Makeup is a fantastically subtle, but intentional and effective method of telling—even shaping—our stories.  It's ironic, really, that something we never get to see other than in reflection, will be so reflected back to us through those we come across as well as absorbed into inner confidence.


As a professional makeup artist and hair stylist, I would love to help you create the look that expresses your moment.  Whether you want to portray a natural confidence or something more dramatic, on stage or on film, I can help you achieve the look that sends the right message.  Please contact me to discuss details of how I can help coauthor your story.

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